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Matched Online Betting: Exploiting Sports Gaming

James ask is it really posiple to win when online sports gaming or will you allways end up losing in the long run?

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Sports betting can become a very expensive pastime for uneducated players. They believe that they can somehow predict the outcome of games and exploit the bookmaker to their advantage. Unfortunately, much like the online casino industry, the house always wins in the long run. Without insider information, the law of averages will eventually lead to their demise. But what if there was a bet that they couldn’t lose? For seasoned sports bettors, there exists a technique known as matched betting; a mathematically proven method

The secret of matched betting lies in the sign-up bonuses offered by the bookmaker. The online casino bookmaker knows that most members will carelessly gamble the bonuses away, as well as their initial deposit. They prey on gamblers who lack self-control and have fallen prey to an addiction. Fortunately, matched betting allows experienced players to leave oftent with a profit, by placing a few bets and leaving at the appropriate time.

To explain the fundamental concept behind matched betting, it will be compared to a roulette wheel. Imagine that a standard wheel is used and you want to bet on either black or red. The casino is offering a free $10 bonus to new customers, a reward that can only be received if the player bets at least $10 of their own money. Most people would simply put $10 on red, along with the free bet, and hope that they win. They have nearly a 50% chance of winning $40, for a profit of $30. They also have a 50% chance of losing everything, resulting in a net loss of $10. It quickly becomes evident that the reward outweighs the risk. If this process were to be carried out at several casinos, the player would win in the long-run.

However, matched sports betting has been heralded as more than a profitable venture. It does offer bettors a statistical advantage By returning to the roulette example, it is clear that the prior betting strategy is not the only option. A matched bettor decides to not only place one bet, but two. If he places $10 on both red and black, he finds himself in a nearly no-lose situation. If the spin lands on red, the player receives a $10 profit ($10 winnings from the initial deposit and $10 winnings from the free bonus. He loses the $10 bet placed on black). If the spin lands on black, the result is another $10 profit (the player’s only winnings are from the $10 bet placed on black). It is now clear that the bettor assumes nearly no risk except if it lands on 0.

The matched betting method can be executed in both casinos and online sportsbooks, however there are some differences between the two. The main advantage with online bookmakers is that there are so many of them. Online platforms are relatively inexpensive to maintain, and business owners are aware of their profit potential. Since there is immense competition in this industry, bonuses can be extremely lucrative, with many platforms giving away upwards of $200. Since the offers can only be carried out once per person, matched betting will never provide a full-time income. It is, however, easy to make over $2000 in a couple months, with little effort or time involved.

Basic matched betting strategy requires the player to place two separate bets. This cannot often be accomplished using the bookmaker alone, which means that the opposing bet must be placed elsewhere. As a result, the opposing bet is usually placed at a betting exchange. Betting exchanges are sites that allow users to bet on either side of an event. The company takes a small commission, usually 5%, from the player’s winnings. Since the commission is almost negligible, the player can still evoke most of the free bonus.

The matched betting method can be broken down into three important steps: the qualifying bet, the free bet and the withdrawal. Since most bookmakers are aware of matched betting, they try to complicate the process. They usually do this by releasing the free bet only after an initial bet has been made. Consequently, the purpose of the qualifying bet is to release the free bonus. A qualifying bet requires the player to place a bet both for and against an outcome occurring. Since the odds on an outcome are usually not 1 to 1, the player must calculate the appropriate sums. Fortunately, there do exist several online websites that do these calculations for free. It is also possible to create a custom calculator using spreadsheet software such as Excel. Remember that the bookmaker and the betting exchange will not have identical odds on an event. The bookmaker generally has higher odds, as this is how they make their money. Try to find odds that are very close to one another; this minimizes the initial loss. The qualifying bet should result in a near break-even situation. For example, the unlocking of a $20 free bet may result in sacrificing an initial loss of $1.00.

The second step is the free bet. This process is identical to the qualifying bet, except that a net profit is made. The importance of the matched betting system is that the player does not care who wins the match. They win money regardless of the result. Unfortunately, withdrawing these winnings can take some time. Some bookmakers employ a system known as rollover rates to protect their free bonuses from being abused. For example, a $20 free bet cannot be withdrawn unless 6 times this amount has been wagered ($120). To get around these rollover rates, the skilled bettor continually places opposing bets at both the betting exchange and the bookmaker. Be aware that each time another bet is made, a small fraction of your profit is lost to commission fees. Consequently, it is important to choose events that have comparable odds.

Although matched betting is theoretically a foolproof strategy, it does require careful money management. The player should begin with at least $50 and place bets with bookmakers that offer smaller bonuses. These bookmakers usually have fewer restrictions, such as rollover rates, lessening the risk of losing the investment. It is also suggested that the player places only a couple bets a day, before they build up their bankroll. This protects them against calculation mistakes and helps them to learn the process. Most importantly, smaller wagers prevent the bettor from overextending himself. For example, a player could run into an unlucky streak with a bookmaker that has high rollover rates. This would force him to continually put more money into the website before a withdrawal could be made. Despite these apparent drawbacks, matched betting is a very lucrative system if used correctly. Be patient and take the time to review all bets that are placed.

It is evident that matched betting can be a method for making a profit. With as little as $50, an educated bettor can sometimes make upwards of $2000 in a couple months. While most players gamble their money away on false sports prophecies, a select few are taking advantage of a statistical advantage known as matched betting.

Remember you will nearly always end up losing in the long run when online casino gaming on games like video poker and roulette.

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